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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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•ace Jiumn-                      asi>
troop again. lie said he had received tho regiment from the King; if his Majesty pleased to take it back, ho might, but lie did not know why ho should resign it. Since that, ho wrote a letter to the King, and sent it by his son, Lord Beauehampft, resigning his regiment, his government, and his wife's pension, as Lady of the Bedchamber to tho late Queen.
No more changes are made yet. They have offered tho Admiralty to Sir Charles Wager again, but ho refused it: he said, ho hoard that ho was an old woman, and that he did not know what good old women eould do anywhoro.
A comet has appeared hero for two nights, which, you know, in lucky enough at Lhia time, and a pretty ingredient for making prophecies.
These are all tho news. I receive your hitters regularly, and hope* you receive mine so: I never miss one week. Adieu! my dearest child 1 I am perfectly well; tell mo always that you are. Are tho good Chutes still at Florence ? My bent love to thorn, and services to all.
Here are somo new Linos much in vogue7 :••—
Unhappy England, still in forty-one" By Scotland art thou doom'd to bo undone! But Scotland now, to strike alone afraid, Calls in her worthy sister Cornwall's" aid ;
7  Those linos wore written by Sir Oharloa Hanbury Williams.     Wai-poh.
8  Alluding to tho flrand llohol-lion against Charles tho Mrat.   Wal-jwU,
9  Tho   Parliament   wliuvh    overthrow Sir 11, W. WON uarrlod agahiHt him by his loolug tho  majority of tho Rc.otc.h and (iorninh borougliH; tho   latfcor manuRed  by Lord IftiU mouth and T. Pitt.    Walpolv,
Poroy, Gnuntow Ogloj Btylod Karl of Hertford xuitil ho 8U(Mioetl(id hifl father at) sovtmUi J)uk<i, 1748; sorvod In tho tinny; (lovm-nor of Minorca, 17B7- AS j Oeuttral of Homo, 174,7; Governor of Uuornsoy, 174'j 50; m. iKratuusa (d. 17ri4), d'aughtflr and hnlroHN of Hon. Hnnry Thynno. Hho WUH Lady of tht! Bodoluuulwr to Quoon Caroline.
i (Jflorgo    fk»ymonr    (17M5-17W), Viscount Beauohnniii; d. Ixiforn lus